Glass and Steel

I travelled between our two London offices today. The contrast between old London and new London is breathtaking.

One office is in an area of London regenerated in recent years. The area is a monotone, monoculture. It is a work place, yes there are houses but they are houses for workers. There are green areas, relaxation areas for workers. Shops for workers, buses for workers, trains for workers, eating places for workers. Where is it? I don’t know. This micro-city of steel and glass is devoid of any sense of place, a joyless desert devoid of humanity.

The other office is just off Piccadilly, near Leicester Square and theatre land. It is in the bustling heart of the west end, full of tourists, cosmopolitan. It is colourful and lively. There is a mixture of people dressed for fun and for work. There is a mixture of ages from little children in prams to elderly people and every age in between. There is the whole diverse spread of humanity. This office feels alive.

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