You don’t fight if you have eaten together

This post as political!

I had dinner with friends. Unremarkable!

There were people who were born in 6 countries, spoke 12 languages, had 3 religions and none. They were aged from 12 years old to nearly sixty.

We chatted as any group of friends chat. As we chat we learn about each other’s backgrounds, food, education, cultures and beliefs. We created understanding that we will take into our workplaces and into other discussions.

I’m not going to explain because others do it better…

This transcript explains

People just feel closer to people who are eating the same food as they do.

National Public Radio

Ewan Aiken, CEO of the charity for those at risk of homelessness, writes

The Scottish philosopher John MacMurray argued that we can build peace only through deepened relationships. It is something that happens through how well we are willing to get to know those we are already close to and those we see as strangers and different. Peace is built through relationships, person by person, community by community. It cannot be built alone.

Ewan Aiken, CEO of the Cyrenians

Feast of Peace organiser Kay Johnson explains

If we can eat together we can live together.

Kay Johnson

This is a product of people being able to travel, live together, work together and learn about each other.

We are all the same, we are just people.

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