has immense experience of solving business problems designing and delivering IT solutions

is able to draw upon this experience and an appreciation of the people and business process aspects while coming up with IT proposals or solutions

is able to engage in a peer level dialogue with senior business and IT folks in solving business problems using IT

Sales Director

is the perfect checkpoint and source of guidance on fundamental business and architectural issues that ultimately make or break a project

Strategy Director

has successfully developed original thinking on Service Delivery Models, underpinned by thorough analysis and well thought through principles

has a great ability to contribute and brings a raft of experience / input to Business and client conversations within the Portfolio I manage

VP Sales

personifies the rare combination of business acumen, solutions focus, enterprise architecture and large scale delivery management

uncanny ability to focus on the problem, find the most elegant solution and navigate through the minefield of risk to a successful delivery is a pleasure to behold

very effective at managing relationships and aligning people from the C Level down to the development teams through mentoring to deliver the best results on a given timeline

the very best


true thought leader in the area of IT strategy, governance & solutions

impressed by the depth of his knowledge and his razor-sharp mind

excels in presenting solutions in a meaningful manner to VPs & C-level people

at ease mentoring managers & helping them grow

Programme Manager

had a pragmatic approach which always focused back on the business’s strategic and tactical benefits

Global Presales Lead

brings an analytical and experienced eye to bear on business issues

offers a different lens on problems and solutions and utilises a well developed network to gather information and ideas

CIO – retailer

helps organisations to achieve results by aligning their programme processes and strategic architecture to their business goals

Sales Director

bringing lateral viewpoints to ensure more breadth to discussions

process and conceptual skills have enabled the team to focus more fully in some of our more strategic thinking

Head of Sourcing – retailer

developed a detailed IT strategy, and proposals for the setting up of a business architecture capability

a comprehensive knowledge of IT and a thorough understanding of the particular challenges of managing change in a large and complex business and IT environment

very effective at conceptualising problems and presenting relevant solutions

Head of Business Architecture – insurer

professionalism and honesty in dealing with vendors made him a pleasure to agree and implement a solution with

Account Director – Security Vendor

a powerful member of the team and helped the company to grow to be a European leader

CEO – Digital Marketing Company

provided excellent insight and support in the set up of our IT Specialist and Communities roles

made a significant contribution to our IT Strategy definition and direction setting to the start up of real business modelling

Head of IT Strategy – insurer

remarkable ability to balance the use of formal methods with a practical and customer-driven approach

gets things done without driving up the stress to unacceptable levels

Strategy Consultant

easy style and creative brain

particularly good at routing out the client’s needs and creatively collaborating to help drive towards a great outcome

Strategy Consultant

provided excellent interim management in a challenging environment

clear and insightful direction and understanding of the bigger issues surrounding developing and implementing a strategy

clearly aware of both technical and business issues and is able to help companies solve them

excellent grasp of Enterprise Business and Technology issues but was also able to provide inspired leadership and diplomacy in dealing with internal and external clients, suppliers and issues

capable of delivering value, insight and solutions in both highly volatile as well as stagnated environments with a speed and aplomb that is impressive

IT Leader – pharmaceuticals

very open, very honest

able to be technical in the weeds and strategic right to the top of an organisation

really understands what technology can do to drive value in a business

one of the very best enterprise focused architects and leaders

always illuminating and thought provoking

CTO – cool tech company

knows that every customer solution can present unique challenges and may require us to rethink architecture best practices to ensure customer success

a tool kit of great skills spanning many areas of the IT landscape including enterprise and data architecture skills

great customer liaison skills and an ability to make the complex accessible even for non techies

Analytics Consulting Leader

great vision and up to date Industry trends helps to relate a complex business problem with the right IT solution

excellent stakeholder management skills

truly successful when working with a wide variety of customers

can articulate technical challenges in clear business terms to the non-technical

equal mix of strategic, managerial, technical and operational

C-level communication skills combined with thought leadership

contributed a lot for the growth of the team and company by bringing more business

strong leadership skills and is extremely good at bringing cross functional teams together and leading them towards the achievement of a single goal

Enterprise Architect

a true visionary and evangelist

the enviable talent to make any difficult topic as easy as possible

knowledge crosses all innovation, technology, architecture and business domains

very quick in grasping new business areas and translate them in the best possible IT solution

not holding back on accolades and gives credit to whom deserves it

very good mentor and there could not be a better leader

Enterprise Architecture Thought Leader

led the Centre of Excellence on two business intelligence projects which were successful

in-depth knowledge of Enterprise Architecture frameworks and their pragmatic application

easy to work with

supported and enabled the use of the ACI ACRIS Semantic Model to deliver successful products

Architecture Programmes Manager

happy to inform you that I have accepted an offer … as Enterprise Solution Architect. I will be placed in Chennai to assist some enterprises in their cloud journey. The leadership skills I learned from you really helped me clearing the loop rounds … where they only test your leadership skills.

cloud architect